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Adam Schiff Broke Down in Tears When One Ugly Truth Was Revealed to the Public

Adam Schiff Broke Down in Tears When One Ugly Truth Was Revealed to the Public

Adam Schiff

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff sits at the eye of the impeachment hurricanes.

Schiff thought this was his moment to launch his career into the stratosphere and take down Donald Trump.

But Adam Schiff broke down in tears when one ugly truth was revealed to the public.

Adam Schiff has clearly been working with the whistleblower to make a coordinated attack on Donald Trump.

And to makes things worse, he then denied it even though he clearly had information from the whistleblower’s report before it was released.

He was so clearly lying that even the Washington Post, possibly the most radically leftist newspaper in the country, gave him a Four Pinocchio on his lies.

When the Washington Post is calling out a Democrat on their bad behavior, you know that they’ve done something deeply troubling.

Rep. Andy Biggs thinks Adam Schiff needs to be “disciplined” for his actions during the Trump impeachment inquiry.

“I think when he dropped the blatantly fake, fraudulent, phone call transcript on the American people, it did a couple of things,” Biggs went on to say. “It misled the American people, brought the House in disrepute, and quite frankly it was over an edge and just pushed everybody over the edge.”

Adam Schiff’s behavior is deeply troubling. He commits a lot of ethical violations for someone who’s the head of the ethics committee.

And he is still getting away with outrageous behavior.

Instead of having an open process where they release full documents and transcripts so that Americans can make decisions about whether they think Donald Trump is innocent or guilty, Adam Schiff is doing closed-door meetings that keep the American people in the dark.

He is making it clear that the Democrats aren’t looking for justice, they are out for Donald Trump’s blood.

The committee has been selectively choosing small segments that might possibly imply that Trump was guilty without releasing the broader context in which the statements were said.

Republicans who heard the full testimony of the witnesses are urging for the full release.

But Democratic committees on Oversight and Reform, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs want to keep the American people in the dark.

“On Monday, Breitbart News reached out to the House panels for comment on when, if ever, they plan to release the full transcripts, but they refused to answer.

“Irked by the Democrats’ refusal to release the full transcripts, Republican lawmakers who witnessed the testimony first hand and pundits have called for the information to be made public.

“Via Twitter, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) on Saturday urged Democrats to release Volker’s testimony — which lasted more than eight hours — ‘so all can read it.’

“’He candidly [and] professionally obliterated the bogus charge’ by Democrats that President Trump made a quid pro quo offer to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky.”

Adam Schiff is keeping the testimony hidden because he knows that if they were honest, they would have to admit that they have no case against Trump.

He is desperately hoping that he can uncover some damning evidence against Trump before he is forced to go public with his findings.

Do you think that this impeachment effort is going to be devastating for Adam Schiff and the Democratic Party once everything is in the open?

Let us know in the comments below.

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