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Adam Schiff Was Hit With Some Really Bad News. This Is What Scandal He’s Guilty In

Adam Schiff Was Hit With Some Really Bad News. This Is What Scandal He’s Guilty In

Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff’s impeachment witch hunt is finally over.

Now it’s time for Schiff and his fellow conspirators to answer for their actions.

And Adam Schiff was hit with some really bad news. This is what scandal he’s guilty in.

As Conservative Revival reports:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has become a rising star in the Democrat Party.

Schiff was once a nondescript congressman servicing part of Los Angeles—formerly part of the “blue dog” Democrat coalition that was supposed to hold the line as moderates—but now he’s become the media darling he always wanted to be.

Schiff had previously tried his hand at screenwriting, so he’s now living out his own movie, and the Democrats are lapping it up.

For years, Schiff claimed he had evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, but he wasn’t able to show it.

He used this McCarthyite tactic for years, but never walked it back after Robert Mueller’s report showed zero collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Now Schiff mysteriously finds himself at the nexus of the Ukraine hoax.

Schiff’s staff just so happened to be in contact with the Ukrainian whistleblower before he even filed a complaint.

Nobody in the so-called mainstream media has shown much curiosity about this detail.

Instead, they’ve decided to portray Schiff as a victim.

Trump said to a reporter that Schiff “has not paid the price” for impeachment, and instantly the Washington PostNew York Times, and several other outlets ran with the absurd headline that he threatened Adam Schiff.

Even Schiff got in on the victimhood narrative and said Trump’s words were intended to be a threat.

This is ridiculous.

Trump was clearly talking about paying the political price for his McCarthyism and deception, including reading a fake transcript into the congressional record.

Schiff and the Democrats very well could pay the price in November because this sham impeachment is not popular with the American people.

Ratings for the affair are on the decline, and a majority of Americans oppose Trump’s removal from office.

The railroading of Justice Brett Kavanaugh fired up the base enough to push back against the “blue wave” that was supposed to flip both the House and the Senate in 2018.

Schiff’s circus act could cost the Democrats dearly.

And any implication that Schiff is somehow in danger is laughable.

Trump gets attacked in the media more than any other president in American history.

Yet all of his critics are not only endangered, they’re amplified.

Democrats want so desperately for Trump to be a tyrant, but he’s not.

He obeys court orders, and he’s actively trying to shrink the power of the executive branch.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama literally threw journalists in jail and spied on an opposition campaign.

Schiff is in a safe district in California, but many Democrats aren’t.

Some Democrats have even abandoned the party as a result of their steering to the hard left.

We’ll see in November if Schiff and the Democrats truly do pay the price.

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