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Adam Schiff Will Go Into Hiding After This Public Humiliation About Impeachment

Adam Schiff Will Go Into Hiding After This Public Humiliation About Impeachment

Adam Schiff

For months, Adam Schiff has been the biggest name in the Democrat Party.

He has become the face of impeachment.

But he was fuming with anger after being embarrassed on national TV.

As Conservative Revival reports:

When Nancy Pelosi announced her support for impeachment, she went to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to take the lead on the issue.

For months he led impeachment hearings, many behind closed doors, which ultimately led towards the House passing two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

During that time, Schiff was constantly trying to get in front of media cameras.

He loved the attention he was getting, and was likely hoping to use his soapbox as a stepping stone towards higher office.

There have been many whispers around Washington, D.C. that Schiff may one day in the future make a run for President.

But any hopes he may have had are sure to be in doubt after one question on the game show “Jeopardy.”

During a recent airing, host Alex Trebek showed a picture of Schiff, along with the caption, “1/53rd of California’s House delegation is this Intelligence Committee chairman.”

But none of the contestants were able to name Schiff, forcing Trebek to answer the question for them.

It is likely that none of the contestants were Trump supporters, as supporters of the President are well aware of Schiff.

But it appears that Schiff likely isn’t as well known among the rest of the American people, who he claims to be representing through his impeachment push.

Contestants on Jeopardy are supposed to be some of the most well informed people in America.

But on this one question, it appears that Schiff isn’t important enough for them to even know who he is.

This isn’t the first time that an anti-Trump figure who spent months in the media has gotten the same treatment.

On another show, Stormy Daniel’s former attorney Michael Avenatti was the answer to a question which no contestant could answer.

Avenatti was also a figure who many believe was using his time in the media spotlight as a stepping stone towards the presidency.

CNN brought him on almost every day during the entire Stormy Daniels scandal to give him the opportunity to bash President Trump.

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But that exposure clearly wasn’t enough to gain him much name recognition.

Avenatti’s life has spiraled out of control since then, with him facing charges of scamming a client, and extorting the shoe company Nike.

He was just arrested by IRS agents this week when they revoked his bail during a trial for tax problems.

Schiff could also face legal troubles after President Trump questioned whether he committed treason at the start of the impeachment hoax by lying about statements he made in front of his committee.

But Democrats often get away with those sorts of offenses, while Republicans don’t get the same treatment.

Considering that Hillary Clinton got off with charges just before running for President, he could very well do the same thing.

Do you think Adam Schiff could win the presidency?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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