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You Won’t Believe Which 10 GOP Senators Will Stab Trump In the Back on Impeachment

You Won’t Believe Which 10 GOP Senators Will Stab Trump In the Back on Impeachment

Donald Trump

The Senate Impeachment trial set to begin on Tuesday.

This is the Democrats’ last stand to remove Donald Trump from office.

And you won’t believe which 10 GOP Senators will stab Trump in the back on impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is withholding transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate in an attempt to bully the GOP majority into allowing the Democrats to run the trial by dictating what witnesses are called to testify.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear he wants a quick and clean trial because the outcome is not in doubt.

In a radio interview with “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade, McConnell expressed his desire for a quick Senate trial with no witnesses.

“Well, if we go down in the witness path, we’re going to want the whistleblower. We’re going to want Hunter. You can see here that this is the kind of mutual assured destruction episode that will go on for a long time. We’d rather — we know how it’s going to end,” McConnell continued, “The president’s not going to be removed from office. The only issue is how long do we want to take to get a final decision. I think what we’ve heard enough, we’re going to listen to arguments. But my view is it’s time to vote and move on and get back to the business the American people sent us all here to do.”

Mitch McConnell is a master at counting voters and taking the pulse of his caucus so President Trump and his supporters figured the GOP was ready to call the Democrats’ bluff.

However one Democrat Senator claimed McConnell made a serious miscalculation.

In an interview with “Capitol News Briefing” on the Connecticut Network, Senator Richard Blumenthal – who once lied about being a Vietnam war hero – claimed up to ten Republicans could be ready to join the Democrats in demanding witness testimony which would allow Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked impeachment managers to use the Senate to conduct a fishing expedition.

“I believe Sen. Murkowski is saying what a lot of my Republican colleagues are thinking, in fact, saying privately which is this proceeding has to be credible, fair and honest. So far, Mitch McConnell is sabotaging this proceeding by saying he won’t be impartial. He will do the president’s bidding,” Blumenthal added.

The Connecticut Senator continued,  “I’ve talked to anywhere from five to 10 of my colleagues who have very severe misgivings about the direction that Mitch McConnell is going in denying a full, fair proceeding with witnesses and documents. My hope is that they will say publicly what Sen. Murkowski did, and really hold Mitch McConnell accountable.”

Democrats are demanding the Senate haul in former National Security Advisor John Bolton and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to testify.

The President blocked them from appearing in the House and Democrats did not want to wait for a legal battle to play out over the President’s assertion of executive privilege because it would have pushed impeachment into the 2020 election season.

Now Democrats are asking the Senate to do their dirty work.

And according to one Democrat Senator, a clutch of Republican traitors may be willing to go along.

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt to remove Donald Trump from office.

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